1er rassemblement de la neuroscience et de l'informatique
29-31 déc. 2014 New York (États-Unis)


A BRAINSCALES WORKSHOP ORGANIZED BY BRUNO CESSAC AND OLIVIER FAUGERAS. The aim of this two-days workshop is to analyze the successes and the failures of mean-field theories in accounting for measurements in neuroscience. The meeting is meant to bring together researchers in neuroscience, theoreticians and experimentalists, in order to bridge the experiment/theory gap: We hope that theoreticians will be attracted by the idea of extracting from their models predictions that experimentalists could test and, conversely, we hope that experimentalists, by testing these predictions, will guide the theoreticians in the direction of developing better models. We plan to organize the workshop so that it leaves large time slots for discussions. It will be organized in five different threads, each dealing with a specific topic. Within each thread two or three speakers, experimentalists and theoreticians, will briefly present their work and views of the topic before emulating a debate between the workshop participants. Topic/speakers are : - How do synaptic changes induce macroscopic effects ? : Bernard Derrida, Bruno Delord - Which mean-field equations to describe cortical activity ? : Bruno Cessac/Olivier Faugeras, Cyril Monier - What is the explanatory power of neural fields ? : Viktor Jirsa, F. Wendling - Which role do correlations play in cortical activity ? : Alain Destexhe, Frédéric Chavane - Which theory to describe V1 ? : Alessandro Sarti, Jan Antolik/Yves Frégnac

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